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Aura City Gym :|: Way of Nephthys
The Psychic Gym
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Welcome to Aura City Gym! If you are interested in challenging us, please look at the requirements below.

The Rules
    (1) Challengers may only challenge the Psychic Gym once every two (2) days.
    (2) If you lose three (3) consecutive battles, you are dropped down the next lowest tier. For example, if you face off against the Apprentice and lose all three times, you will be bumped down to a Gym Member. There, you will have to fight another Gym Member.
    (3) Bluescreening will be counted separate from a loss and you, the challenger, will be allowed one rematch per day. Neither you nor the defending member are allowed to change starters, hold items, roster, or moves of any kind. If the rematch cannot occur within the first fifteen (15) minutes, the challenger must wait the required two days to try again. If you successively bluescreen, we will consider this activity suspicious and done deliberately. If a member is caught successively bluescreening, he/she will be kicked out of the gym.
    (4) Matches are set at Level 50. 6-vs-6, Single.
    (5) Abide by all other wifipokeleague rules. You may find them here. READ THEM.

Challenging the Gym
    -- pokeleague_psy will not accept your challenge unless you fill out this form.
    Trainer Card [insert it]
    PBR Friend Code [if applicable]
    Instant Message Handler
    Instant Message Username
    Time Zone
    -- Leave a comment with the above information and the first available gym member will get back to you.

By the Way...
    -- Since it is not mentioned in the league rules, intentional draws will be counted as a loss. Intentional draws can be caused by Explosion, Destiny Bond, and other such things. If you, the challenger, uses one of these moves for your last Pokemon and the match ends in a tie, you will automatically lose. If a gym member does it, he/she loses as well.
    -- You must have 6 different Pokemon on a team. In other words, no two or more Pokemon of the same species. (For example: I cannot have a team of 6 Alakazams...even if I could murder you with it.)
    -- Sleep Clause and Item Clause are in effect. Freeze Clause is only in effect for PBR.
    -- Once you challenge this gym, you are tied to us until you defeat the gym or withdraw your challenge. Until either of those things occur, you are actively challenging us.

If you do not follow these rules, I will be a very unhappy person; however, if you do not wish to anger me...then please check out the appropriate links below. :D

Come HERE to challenge the Psychic Gym!
Come HERE to see the trainer cards of everyone in the gym!
Come HERE if you would like to join the Psychic Gym!
7th-Aug-2007 01:48 am(no subject)
Dearest slobhero,

I request your attendance to a Pokemon Battle to decide who goes on to fight Sirendi for the title of Sub-Apprentice. At the moment, I have decided you must be dead considering I haven't seen you online and you haven't responded to my reply of what times I was available. If you could correct this belief, I would be most happy.

17th-Jul-2007 10:44 pm - Psychic Gym :|: Membership
V [General Veers]

We, the members of the glorious Psychic Gym, are looking for new gym members. At the moment, we have six (6) four (4) three (3) two (2) slots to fill, and they need to be filled fast. :3

So I hear you leik psikicks...Collapse )

Our Members

Gym Members

Other info about the Psychic GymCollapse )
2nd-Jul-2007 03:58 pm - Psychic Gym :|: The Outcomes
V [General Veers]
Whew, it's the first day and it's already been a blast!

Here's how challengers are ranking at the Psychic Gym. Remember, if you beat the Leader, your name will be put in the gym userinfo for the whole world to see!

Click here!Collapse )
1st-Jul-2007 11:59 pm - Psychic Gym :|: Challenge Post
V [General Veers]
Comment here to challenge!

The hierarchy of the Psychic Gym.Collapse )

Active ChallengesCollapse )

MEMBERS: Please track this post!
1st-Jul-2007 02:33 pm - Trainer Card Directory
V [General Veers]
A post for the trainer cards in this gym.

They're so gorgeous!Collapse )

[Note] Everyone in the gym must have the same template, found here. If you would like me to make you a trainer card (and I'm more than willing to!), please contact me through AIM or make a comment here.
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